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Dr. Horst Bruning
President and CEO

Horst Bruning co-founded Exxim Computing Corporation in 2002, and has served as president since. 

He earned a doctorate in physics for experimental work at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland.
Before Exxim, he worked on CT technology and visualization at TeraRecon in San Mateo,CA, and on security applications at Invision Technologies in Newark,CA.
Dr.Bruning's medical imaging expertise comes from his time with Siemens Medical Solutions in Germany, where he served as VP for Basic Research in 1997 and VP Engineering for Angiography in 1995. He contributed to CT scanners at Siemens and at Imatron,Inc. of South San Francisco,CA.
His goal is to inspire the imaging community with the entrepreneurial creativity of Silicon Valley.

 Larry Israel
General Councel

Contacts : 

email: LIsrael@LIAA.com   telephone: (925)648-7582



Sergei Gouzeev

Vice President,

Software Engineering


Sergei Gouzeev has over 20 years of technical, academic,  and management experience in digital imaging technology. Before joining Exxim in 2002 he led imaging software groups at iPIX (San Ramon, CA) and TeraRecon, Inc. (San Mateo, CA). He was one of principal contributors to Immersive Virtual Tour technology, currently used by such portals as HomeStore.com and Microsoft House & Home. His medical imaging expertise comes from his time in TeraRecon, Inc. and Visor, Ltd. (Russia) where he performed software development projects for CT and 2D image enhancement and analysis.   

Sergei Gouzeev has earned the degree of Candidate of Science (numerical mathematics)  from St-Petersburg Electrotechnical Institute (Russia) . 

Irene Bruning
Vice President

Irene Bruning co-founded Exxim Computing Corporation in 2002, and has served as Vice President and Secretary since. 

She has an MA in biochemistry and genetics from University of Erlangen, Germany. She established and directed a DNA lab for the forensic institute, and developed essays for genetic fingerprinting.
Before Exxim, she worked as an application specialist and trainer at TeraRecon in San Mateo,CA.
Irene Bruning's interests combine medical visualization, genetic technology and forensics. At Exxim, she is responsible for applications and customer contacts.





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