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COBRA is Exxim's implementation of 3D CT reconstruction using the FDK filtered BP algorithm or a proprietary iterative algorithm. COBRA efficiently utilizes multi-CPU platforms (dual- or quad), networked PCs (cluster solutions) and a high-performance graphics accelerator nVidia GeForce8800GTX to do the recon-struction (V.6, released 7/2007)


Cone-Beam reconstruction Apparatus (COBRA)
COBRA is offered both as executable or SDK.
Modular concept of X-Ray sensor architecture
Exxims modular concept of X-Ray sensor architecture allows assembly of detectors with custom shape (rectangular or square) and arbitrary size (from 2 to 17 or more). Exxim is offering design services for custom solutions. Please contact us at info@exxim-cc.com for details.





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