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  Where Cone-Beam Tomography Works ...


Diagnostic Imaging
Where Cone-Beam Tomography Works. Angiography Where Cone-Beam Tomography Works. Medical CT
View coils, clips and blood vessels in 3D. Cone-beam CT scanning of humans. Requires careful geometry alignment and iso-centric C-Arms.

Radiotherapy Positioning 

Dental CT
Where Cone-Beam Tomography Works. Dental CT
Geometric accuracy in 3D for patient positioning and precise density resolution for tumor localization. The use of tomographic 3D scanners for dental imaging is a newly emerging modality.
Scientific CT Industrial CT
Where Cone-Beam Tomography Works. Scientific CT: Scanning Mice and Small Animals Where Cone-Beam Tomography Works. Industrial CT.
Cone Beam CT scanning of small animals is rapidly becoming the method of choice to study models of a broad variety of human diseases. Industrial scanning differs in several aspects:
- samples exhibit strong eccentricity  and extreme dynamic range of the attenuation data
- spatial resolution is of high importance.
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  What Is Exxim's Contribution ...

Exxim has enhanced COBRA with a practical iterative  algorithm, which is more tolerant against input data imperfections than the standard Feldkamp method. Such data imperfections can have any nature, e.g. absorption non-linearities or scanner geometry misalignment (COBRA V4.0 - SAMARA).   

Exxim's Contribution to Cone-Beam Tomography. New Functionality
Exxim's Contribution to Cone-Beam Tomography. Speed. In under a minute, using only a PC, 2D projections can be converted into a 512x512x512 3D image. This software replaces current hardware- accelerated versions.
COBRA software uses the full computational power of a modern PC. It runs either on a single PC, or it can be configured to run on a cluster of PC's (v.2 and higher); it can also use modern graphics accelerators to do the reconstruction (v.5 and higher).

Exxim's Contribution to Cone-Beam Tomography. Efficiency

Exxim's Contribution to Cone-Beam Tomography. Flexibility COBRA software is implemented either as a stand-alone application or as an SDK. In SDK mode, COBRA can start reconstruction immediately after getting the first projection from the CT scanner. This allows the reconstruction and data acquisition processes to run in parallel.






"Principles of Computerized Tomographic Imaging". Chapter 3. Link to pdf file

New in CT? 

Read about basics in  

"Principles of Computerized 

Tomographic Imaging" by 

A.C.Kak & M.Slaney

(pdf file, 5.6 MB)



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