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Adds volumetric imaging to a large variety of C-Arm systems. The design provides cone-beam CT image acquisition and   reconstruction.  Suitable for a wide range of mobile units with no hardware modification. 
  • 3D visualization for orthopedic or angiographic cases

  • 3D capability in any emergency room

  • Full 3D imaging support during surgery

  • Early stroke assessment

C-Arm Retrofit package. Orthopedic application example

Orthopedic application example.  

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Exxim develops


for supplementing conventional 

C-Arms with 3D features 

Computer tomography. Products. C-Arm Retrofit


Augments most C-arms, providing cone-beam CT scanning, while retaining the original functionality.  The modified C-Arm system allows acquisition of 3D-volumetric data in cases where a traditional CT machine is not available.

Production status

The product is still in development, and not yet for sale. Clinical testing is scheduled for 2004. We welcome cooperation proposals from interested  OEMs of C-arm systems.






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