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  Exxim's Fluoroscopy CMOS 

  Detector Applications

4-side buttable CMOS tiles to replace amorphous silicon flat panels in radiography, fluoroscopy , and 3D imaging.

Exxims CMOS detector achieves improved image quality (lower noise floor, higher dynamic range, no ghosting) compared to amorphous silicon flat panels. Fast read-out (up to 60 fps at full resolution) provides applications from radiography to cardiac imaging.
High integration (on-chip ADC, on-chip communication, built-in self test) makes system design easy. CMOS has become cost effective with the use of standard semi-conductor production processes.


Exxims tiles come with a variety of pixel sizes (from 100 microns), frame rates and dynamic range. They can be coupled to various scintillators (CsI preferred).

Exxims modular concept allows assembly of detectors with custom shape (rectangular or square) and arbitrary size (from 2 to 17 or more). Built-in redundancy prevents dead pixels. 

Fluoroscopy CMOS Detector





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