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COBRA software performs a 3D reconstruction of the scanned volume by processing N projections acquired as X-Ray/optical 2D-images.  For more information please download the COBRA User Manual.

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To install

double click on COBRA_Exxim_v_xxxx.exe to start the setup ("xxxx" stands for particular version). The process can be executed with or without preliminary saving COBRA_Exxim_v_xxxx.exe on the user's PC. 

Every time you re-install COBRA please remove the old version from your computer. Please use conventional instruments to do that (e.g. Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel)


To try COBRA using one of our data sets:

  • Download our artificial phantom data ( 6.5 MB ),  mouse data set ( 45 MB ), or/and pig dataset (12 MB)

  • Double click on the downloaded file(s) to start the Setup process

  • Run COBRA_Exxim.exe

  • Open the file parameter_512_std.xxm (for reconstruction into 512^3 cube) or the file parameter_256_std.xxm (256^3 cube) and press the Perform Reconstruction button

  • Make sure that reconstruction process has been started. You should see the message "Auto detected scale factor ~= 1400" in the Messages tab. The actual value depends on object and chosen preprocessing procedure. A reasonable range is 500-2000.

  • Check the output slices. Note: the reconstruction of the Sphere phantom contains three small spheres, so some of the slices will appear blank).

COBRA Converter utility: Software for cone-beam reconstruction. Download

Projection converter   

To convert your projections to the standard COBRA format, please download our Projection Converter. 


  • Converting from big endian and float data formats

  • Header handling

  • Rotating, resizing, cropping

Test Data Sets    

Artificial phantom. Pure math model imitating absorption by ideal line integral. The phantom comprises three balls (DC value = const) in vacuum (DC value = 0). Contains 95 projections 512x512 each.


Software for cone-beam reconstruction. Mouse dataset. Download

Real biological object : scanned mouse. The dataset contains the scan of a mouse. The number of projections is 195, the resolution is  512x256, pitch size = 0.162 mm. 

Real biological object : scanned dead pig. The dataset contains the scan of a dead pig (ribs area with metal screws). The number of projections is 100, the resolution is  512x512, pitch size = 0.44 mm. 

Software for cone-beam reconstruction. Pig dataset. Download

  COBRA: Differences between  

  trial and full versions

  • Slices (output volumetric data) contain a word EXXIM;

  • Correction algorithms CFA and SAMARA are not available;

  • When COBRA GUI is running in High-Definition visualization mode a user is observing semitransparent marks with Demo-Mode letters on a visualization screen


COBRA: Hardware Requirements 


Works only for small datasets (<400 all dimensions), typically provides slow reconstruction.

CPU:  2.0 GHz

Memory:  1 GB

Display resolution: 1680x1050 / 1600x1200

OS: Windows XP/Vista/Win7


Reasonable minimum.  

Works for average size datasets (<768 all dimensions), a reconstruction time for 512x512x512 views à 512x512x512 cube is about  ~ 3 min

CPU:  dual core 2.5 GHz

Memory: 2 GB

Display resolution: 1920x1200

OS: Windows XP/Win7



CPU:  quad core 2.5 GHz and higher

Memory: 4 GB

GPU: nVidia GeForce 200 series (ask Exxim about a particular model)

Display resolution: 1920x1200 and higher

OS: Windows XP/Win7 64-bit platform





COBRA version history


Download the latest

HASP driver


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