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  Use networked computers as 

  shared computational resources

This software architecture uses a DCOM-based design.  Microsoft's DCOM model allows building the program from independent executable components. These can be placed on a network. The supporting components, based on TCP/IP and Windows services, provide a bi-directional interface. 

COBRA is based on the DCOM/Win-Service architecture; no additional user interaction (other than the initial installation) is required.  

For a 10Mbps network connection one achieves almost linear scaling of speed.

  COBRA Distributed  

  Master/Slave Model

The Distributed Version of  COBRA is based on a Master/Slave model. This is described as  follows. 

- COBRA can  perform either as Master node or as Slave node.

- Starting COBRA 's main program on one computer automatically selects that computer as the Master node.

- All other network computers with COBRA (distributed version) installed, are automatically available as Slaves.

- Slaves are completely controlled by the Master node, so no user interaction (other than the initial installation) is required on the Slave computers.

- A network can have any number of Masters and Slaves.

Structure of COBRA  

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