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All functionality of COBRA is available in form of a Software Development Kit (SDK). The SDK provides a choice between two interfaces: COM and DLL. COM allows incorporating COBRA's functionality into any application which is compatible with the MS COM model (e.g. language and/or compiler are not restricted). The DLL interface provides integration into any user application without COBRAs GUI on the PC desktop.

  Inline CT  

Inline reconstruction starts instantly after getting the first projection from the CT scanner. This allows running reconstruction and data acquisition processes in parallel. Via appropriate interfaces (supported by SDK), the user program informs the COBRA kernel about sequential availability of projections, synchronizing the reconstruction process with the scanner. 

  In-place configuration

COBRA  can be configured as  dynamic link library. This library provides a set of APIs to control the reconstruction process, including in-line mode. It also provides the means to farm out the most intensive computations to networked, remote PC(s).

  Remote configuration  

The COBRA executable and an application built using the COM interface form the remote configuration.  In  the  case of  remote configuration, COBRA keeps its GUI on the PC desktop and acts as a server. The user program is the client. The remote control process requires synchronization between client and server. This feature is supplied by the client communication library containing COM objects with a set of methods for off-line and in-line reconstruction. Remote configuration allows to have the controlling software and COBRA on the same or different PC(s).




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