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Reconstruction of volumetric data from a set of two-dimensional projections (cone beam). 

  Program Control

Stand-alone application: MFC-based GUI (options and progress), parameter files (scanner and target volume parameters) 

SDK: both COM and DLL interfaces are supported.

  Minimal/Recommended PC Configuration





P3, Xeon, Athlon

Athlon 2000+

Xeon 2.0 GHz

L2 cache

64 KB

512 KB


512 MB 

1 GB

OS Windows XP Home Windows 2000, Windows XP Pro


Approximate execution time** (sec) for COBRA version 4 and higher (excluding the time for writing volume data to hard disk)

Mode Time
Feldkamp filtered BP, nearest neighbor interpolation  100 
Feldkamp filtered BP, nearest neighbor interpolation, arbitrary scanner geometry (projective transform mapping)  150* 
Feldkamp filtered BP, bilinear interpolation  200 
SAMARA reconstruction, streak artifact reduction mode* 25
SAMARA reconstruction, metal artifact reduction mode* 35

* - starting version 4.

** The task: Reconstruction of a 512 cube volume from 360 input projections of 512x512 pixels each. 

Hardware: Dual Pentium 2.0 GHz. 


Runtime values scale approximately with the number of projections, the number of voxels in the output volume, and 1/ number of the nodes in cluster, if input and output are reasonably matched (reconstruction from higher resolution projections is longer because of FFT, etc.).

  Scanner Types Supported

Turn-table scanners, rotating gantry scanners including* support of non-ideal source/detector  trajectories (via projection matrices)

  Numerical Precision

Input data (projection data):

16/32 bit signed/unsigned integer, 32 bit float

Internal preprocessing

Data corrections, convolution in 32 and 64 bit float

FFT length

Chosen to adapt to detector size



Customizable three standard kernels are provided

Back-projection process

32 bit precision



12/16 bit, slice files or solid volume file

  Cluster (distributed) solutions

COBRA allows to distribute calculations. The cluster may contain up to 4 networked PCs. 10Mbps network connection is required (separate network segment is advantageous). The same installation procedure is required for all cluster nodes. After installing COBRA, no further user interaction on the remote computer(s) is necessary (the host is accomplishing the remote control through MS DCOM mechanism).

  Inline reconstruction

This is the opportunity to start reconstruction instantly after getting the first projection from the CT scanner. It allows running reconstruction and data acquisition processes in parallel. Both COM and DLL interfaces provide the tools to build custom inline applications. The COBRA documentation contains three code examples (MS Visual C++).










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